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In Meat Speciation kits:

Meat Speciation kits

Preventing adulteration of feed and food products with non desirable or low quality animal products is important for health, regulatory and economic reasons. The identification of species is performed to assure consumers that the products they purchase are safe, wholesome and properly labeled.

To cover the whole gamma of meat products we offer three types of non competitive sandwich ELISA kits that detect different proteins.

Raw Meat Species Kits. For speciation of uncooked products. These kits detect species specific serum albumin in meat, meat products and milk. Detects 1% impurity with alternative species

Cooked Meat Species Kits. For speciation of cooked products. These kits detect a heat resistant species specific muscle protein in cooked, canned or processed products up to a temperature of 133 degrees Celsius at 3 bar. Detects 1 % impurity with alternative species.

MELISA-TEK Meat Species Kits. The ultimate kits for the detection of porcine or bovine species in rendered meat and bone meals. The Troponin-1 protein that is detected in this test is species specific and heat resistant for material heated over 133 degrees Celsius and 3 bar. Detects down to 0.05% skeletal muscle in processed materials.

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