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COOKED Meat Species Kits

For speciation of cooked products.
These kits detect a heat resistant species specific muscle protein in cooked, canned or processed
products up to a temperature of  133 degrees Celsius at 3 bar.
Detects 1 % impurity with alternative species.

Available products:

Product Cat. Code: 
Cooked Meat Beef/Pork/Poultry 5801-DT-510603
Cooked Meat Beef/Pork/Poultry/Sheep 5801-DT-510604
Cooked Meat Beef 5801-DT-510611
Cooked Meat Pork 5801-DT-510621
Cooked Meat Poultry 5801-DT-510631
Cooked Meat Sheep 5801-DT-510641
Cooked Meat Horse 5801-DT-510651
Cooked Meat Deer 5801-DT-510661
ETEK CMS Kit Manual 110527Download
Product information sheet CM[1]16Download
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