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In Mycotoxins Flow Through Rapid tests:

Zearalenone Gold FTRTest

Cat. No.: 5127ZEAG

Zearalenone is one of the main mycotoxins which occur in nature. They are produced by a wide variety of Fusarium species which may occur on cereals such as wheat, barley, corn, but also on bananas, bean leaves, flax and groundnuts. Zearalenone is an oestrogenic compound which is also known as F-2 toxin. It causes vulvovaginitis and other oestrogenic responses in swine. In addition to swine, turkey poults and chicks have shown to be susceptible to the toxic effects of zearalenone. The maximum level for zearalenone as regulated by Commission Regulation (EC) no. 1881/2006 is 100 ng/g for unprocessed cereals other than maize.

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