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In Mycotoxins Flow Through Rapid tests:

Mycotoxins Flow Through Rapid tests

Flow Through Rapid tests

The deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone flow-through rapid tests  are colloidal gold based flow-through immunoassays  which can be used for the rapid screening of either DON or zearalenone in cereals.
The compound (zearalenone or DON) coupled to BSA, is immobilised as a distinct line on a flow-through membrane. The conjugate, consisting of mobile red colloidal gold particles labelled with a monoclonal antibody to the compound, is deposited in dry form onto a glass fiber conjugate pad in a plastic vial. Prior to use, the conjugate is brought into solution by addition of reconstitution buffer. The sample to be tested is then added to the conjugate solution. After a 10 minute incubation, the conjugate complex is transferred onto the flow-through membrane. If the sample contains no or a very low amount of the particular compound, the antibodies in the conjugate can bind to the immobilized compound-BSA and a red line will appear in the test zone. If the sample contains ≥ 100 ng/g of zearalenone in the zearalenone test or ≥ 1000 ng/g of DON in the DON test, all antibodies will be captured by the conjugate and no line will appear. With any sample, a control line should appear in the control zone.

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