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Deoxynivalenol ELISA (DON)

Cat. No.: 5121DON

Deoxynivalenol (DON) belongs to the trichothecenes, a family of closely related compounds produced by several Fusarium species. DON is also called vomitoxin, because when ingested it causes symptoms of vomiting and nausea. DON also causes immunosuppressive effects as well. The recommended limits in Europe have been pegged at 500 ppb for food and at 750 ppb for food and food components that still have to be processed. EuroProxima developed an ELISA kit that can be applied for screening cereals, food, feed and silages. The DON ELISA kit has a 97% cross-reactivity with 3-acetyl-DON and a 10% cross-reactivity with 15-acetyl-DON. In most matrices the assay can detect down to 50 ppb. However, in beer samples a detection limit down to 10 ppb can be achieved. Detailed information of this product is given in the Product Information Sheet.

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