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Aflatoxin Total ELISA

Cat. No.: 5121AFT

The Aflatoxins (Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2) are a group of structurally related, extremely toxic compounds produced by the moulds Aspergillus flavus, A. paraciticus and A. nomius.  Aflatoxins cause cancer, mainly of the liver but also of the gut, lungs and breasts. These moulds occur on food, feed and their ingredients, derived from tropical and sub-tropical areas. The most pronounced contamination has been encountered in cereals, rice, maize, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.

For aflatoxins maximum levels (ML’s) are established legally in Europe. Depending on the products used for animal feed or direct human consumption the ML’s vary from 2 to 50 μg/kg (ppb). For baby food, processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children and for dietary foods intended specifically for infants, the ML is set at 0.1 μg/kg (0.1 ppb)

EuroProxima BV has developed and validated an ELISA for screening for Total Aflatoxins in a broad range of matrices.

The microtitre plate based ELISA kit consists of 12 strips, each 8 wells, precoated with rabbit antibodies to mouse IgG. In one incubation step, specific antibodies (mouse anti-Aflatoxin), enzyme labeled Aflatoxin (enzyme conjugate) and Aflatoxin B1 standards or sample are added to the precoated wells. The specific antibodies are bound by the immobilised rabbit antibodies and at the same time free Aflatoxins (in the standard solution or in the sample) and enzyme labeled Aflatoxin compete for the specific antibody binding sites (competitive enzyme immunoassay). After an incubation time of one hour, the non-bound (enzyme labeled) reagents are removed in a washing step. The amount of bound enzyme conjugate is visualized by the addition of chromogen substrate. Bound enzyme transforms the chromogen into a coloured product. The colour intensity is measured photometrically at 450 nm and is inversely proportional to the Aflatoxins concentration in the sample.

The Total Aflatoxin ELISA utilises antibodies raised in mouse against protein conjugated Aflatoxin. This antiserum shows the following cross-reactions:

Aflatoxin B1 100 %

Aflatoxin B2 112 %

Aflatoxin G1 69 %

Aflatoxin G2 15 %

Aflatoxin M1 16 %

The sensitivity (limit of detection) of the test performed according to instructions described in the manual is < 0.5 ppb for all samples.

Detailed information of this product is given in the Product Information Sheet.

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