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Clenbuterol ELISA

Cat. No.: 5071BAGC

This test is based on antibodies against clenbuterol and it is designed to detect the following Beta-Agonists (% of cross-reactivity): clenbuterol (100%), bromobuterol (100%), mapenterol (80%), mabuterol (70%) and cimbuterol (60%). The measuring range for clenbuterol assay is 0.1- 8 ng/ml or 5- 400 pg/well. Some samples, like urine, can be tested directly in the assay without any sample pre-treatment resulting in an LOD of 0.5 ng/ml. Simple sample extraction methods for faeces, feed, tissue, plasma, bile and choroid/ retina samples, are described in the manual. Detection limits as low as 0.05 ng/g can be reached depending on the Beta-agonist, sample material and clean-up procedure. Detailed information of this product is given in the Product Information Sheet.

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