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MedroxyProgesterone Acetate ELISA

Cat. No.: 5131MPA

Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), megestrol acetate, melengestrol acetate, and chlormadinone acetate are synthetic derivatives of progesterone and are called acetylgestagens. These hormones can be used as growth promoters in meat production, both in cattle and in pigs. The use of acetylgestagens as growth promoters leads to a faster growth of the animals and to an increase of feed conversion efficiency. Acetylgestagens are permitted as growth promoters in certain countries, e.g. the USA. However, within the EU they are banned (Council Directive 96/22/EC).
The MPA ELISA is used for the quantitative analysis of MPA in tissue (muscle), fat , beverages and feed samples. The kit uses a polyclonal rabbit antibody which shows the following cross-reactivities: MPA (100%), megestrol acetate (50%), melengestrol acetate (25%), and chlormadinone acetate (50%).
Detailed information of this ELISA is given in the Product Information Sheet.

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