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Sulfamethazine ELISA

Cat. No.: 5101SUL

The sulfamethazine ELISA is used for the quantitative analysis of sulfamethazine residues in tissue (muscle, liver, kidney), milk, plasma/serum, and urine samples.
The kit uses a polyclonal rabbit antibody which shows the following cross-reactivities: sulfamethazine (100%), N4-acetyl sulfamethazine (130%), and sulfamerazine (15%). The cross-reactivity of each of ten other sulfonamides, i.e. sulfadiazine, sulfadimethoxine, sulfadoxine, sulfaguanidine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfamethoxydiazine, sulfapyridine, sulfaquinoxaline, sulfathiazole, sulfatroxazole is <0.5%.
The limit of detection (LOD) is 3 ng/g for tissue (extraction), 8 ng/g for milk (dilution), 1 ng/g for plasma/serum (dilution), and 3 ng/g for urine samples (dilution).
Detailed information of this ELISA is given in the Product Information Sheet.

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