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Food safety control is our core business. Since over 20 years we produce high quality Elisa kits. All kit components are manufactured within our plant in Arnhem. By keeping control on all steps in production and logistics we guarantee quality and service worldwide.

For the products not manufactured in house, Speciation kits and Hygiene monitoring, we select partners that comply with our quality standards.

Contaminants and Residues

Food safety is a growing concern for human health. With the internationalization of food and feed production the demand for control is increasing. EuroProxima offers a wide range of diagnostic kits for hazardous contaminants and residues in feed and food.
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Celiac disease

Toxic fragments on Gluten proteins are the cause of Celiac Disease. Gluten-Tec® ELISA is a competitive test that is able to distinguish toxic peptides in intact as well as processed gluten. The test contains a peptide standard, what makes this kit unique in its kind.
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Malaria Research

In malaria research enrichment of the erythrocyte homing parasite is important. The Plasmodipur filter is developed to remove leucocytes from blood. The filter is placed on a syringe and 99% leucocytes retention is obtained whereas the erythrocyte containing parasites pass through.
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Milk Proteins

The total protein component of milk is composed of various specific proteins. The primary group of milk proteins are the caseins. All other proteins found in milk are grouped together...
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Antibiotics are drugs used in human health care and in veterinary practice to treat bacterial infections. Since their discovery in the 1930’s antibiotics have made it possible to cure diseases...
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Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are substances that mimic estrogens and thyroid hormones. Bisphenol A is an example of this. Scientific studies have found that laboratory animals exposed to Bisphenol A show elevated...
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