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MycoTest project completed!

MycoTest project, funded by Horizon2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, was completed in March 2018. The project hosted at EuroProxima responded to this need of developing new and improved first “line...

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Participation RAFA 2017

EuroProxima will participate at the 8th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2017). Prague, Czech Republic, November 7–10, 2017. You are invited to visit us to learn more...

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Zearalenone and zeranol

If you’ve been following my blog then it’s hopefully become clear to you that the threat mycotoxins pose is real. If, however, you’re still in doubt about the danger, allow...

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Improve your detection of Ochratoxin A

With the new developed ELISA test for Ochratoxin A EuroProxima offers a reliable and fast screening method, based on a sensitive monoclonal antibody specific to this mycotoxin. The test allows...

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Colistin A and B are polypeptide antibiotics that have been used in medicine and veterinary for over 50 years. Recently the European Medicines Agency has proposed to reduce the use of...

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What is sterigmatocystin? I’ve been very busy recently running multiple projects at EuroProxima. One of these projects is about a toxin called sterigmatocystin. Its chemical structure is very similar to that...

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