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Application laboratory services at R-Bio Lab

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Application laboratory services at R-Bio Lab
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Application laboratory services at R-Bio Lab
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In March 2022 R-Biopharm Nederland has opened a brand new demonstration and training laboratory at the facilities in Arnhem. This laboratory will be mainly in use for our application laboratory. The application laboratory of R-Biopharm Nederland, R-Bio Lab offers the following services: - Food and feed testing services - Validation and verification studies of food and feed tests of the R-Biopharm portfolio - Adjustments of R-Biopharm tests to meet market demands - Special custom-made test kits production for food and feed safety testing - Customer training

What can R-Bio Lab do for you?

I want samples to be tested by a test from the portfolio of R-Biopharm

R-Biopharm offers a large portfolio of food and feed tests. Commercial test kits are available in the field of enzymatic analysis, vitamins, mycotoxins, hormone residues, antibiotic residues, allergens, GMO, identification of animal species and microbiology.

If you do not want to perform such a test yourself or you experience have testing issues, you can send it to R-Bio Lab. We have the experts in house, the scientists who developed the test kits, the technicians who work with our test kits daily and the colleagues from the quality department who monitor the performance of our kit constantly.

We offer a fast response to your request with reliable results.

I want to use a R-Biopharm test kit for a matrix that is not mentioned in the manual

The team of R-Bio Lab is at your service for doing a feasibility study to give you a recommendation for a specific application of the test kit.

A full validation is also possible, in that case we will scientifically prove that the test can be used with the matrix you have chosen. With such a validation the limit of detection (LOD), the detection capability (CCβ), the recovery, the cross-reactivity and the inter- and intra-assay variation are determined.

Contact us when you have a question about the possibility for testing an “unknown” matrix. Together with you we will discuss the best solution for your request.

I want to know if I can use a R-Biopharm ELISA test on a robot

R-Bio Lab can help you with an application of an ELISA test from the R-Biopharm portfolio for use on a robot. We work with the ThunderBolt® and our team can adjust the test in a way that it can be performed on this machine.

The performance criteria of a R-Biopharm test do not match the customer’s demand. Can the test be adjusted?

The scientists of R Bio Lab can investigate if the suggested adjustment of a test is possible. If so, the adjustment can be validated by them. In this case the customer is sure that the adjustment will not influence other specifications of the test and that the test can be used for the specific market demand. The adjustment will be presented in an application note.

I am interested in a test that is not on the actual price list of R-Biopharm NL.

Tests that have been discontinued in the past can, in most cases, still be produced by the application laboratory. Furthermore, development of a custom-made test is also a service that is offered by R-Bio Lab. Our scientists will discuss the possibilities with you and R-Bio Lab will present an overview of the costs and a clear timeline of the project that is needed for the supply of such a custom-made test.

I want to train my colleagues or customers for the R-Biopharm tests

R-Bio Lab can organize a training for salespeople, technical employees, and end-users. These trainings are set up in cooperation with the customers. The subjects for the training are based on their requests. In the facilities of R-Bio Lab a special laboratory is available for the practical training,

R-Bio Lab from R-Biopharm Nederland is there for you.

Contact us for validation, training and food and feed testing

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You can call us on: +31 (0)26 363 0364

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