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External evaluation of the EuroProxima Colistin ELISA

External evaluation of the EuroProxima Colistin ELISA

The European Union Reference Laboratory Anses in Fougeres, France has recently validated 3 ELISA kits for the screening of colistin residues in porcine and poultry muscle.
This validation is published in “Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A”.
The 5151COL EuroProxima Colistin ELISA was the only test that comes with a statement of the detection capability (CCβ).

The detection capability of 30 µg/kg validated internally at R-Biopharm Nederland, could be confirmed in the external validation performed by Anses Laboratory.
Since this parameter is determined with spiked samples, it has much more practical meaning than the limit of detection (LOD), which is normally determined based on the results obtained for blank (non-contaminated) samples.
The Europroxima Colistin ELISA offers fast, specific and sensitive detection of colistin in poultry and poultry muscle.
The performance characteristics are compliant with European regulation and allow for the detection of colistin residues at a level lower than the maximum residue limits (150 µg/kg).

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Colistin (polymyxin E) is a polymyxin antibiotic that has been used in medicine and veterinary for over fifty years.
In recent years, the prevalence of colistin resistance has increased significantly.
All over the world measurements are taken to reduce the colistin use in animals and restrict its application only in cases of infections for which no other effective treatments are available.
To control these restrictions of use for colistin, R-Biopharm offers the EuroProxima Colistin ELISA test.
This test is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of colistin in various matrices: milk, egg, chicken, pork, beef, liver, fish and feed.

If you request more information about the Colistin ELISA, please contact us at info@r-biopharm.nl.

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