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MycoTest project completed!

MycoTest project, funded by Horizon2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, was completed in March 2018. The project hosted at EuroProxima responded to this need of developing new and improved first “line...

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Zearalenone and zeranol

If you’ve been following my blog then it’s hopefully become clear to you that the threat mycotoxins pose is real. If, however, you’re still in doubt about the danger, allow...

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What is sterigmatocystin? I’ve been very busy recently running multiple projects at EuroProxima. One of these projects is about a toxin called sterigmatocystin. Its chemical structure is very similar to that...

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European Researchers’ Night

This time I’ve got something really special for you. Last week I took part in the European Researchers’ Night Science is Wonder-ful! in Brussels and below you can my find...

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Ochratoxin A in wine

This time I have a little something for all the wine enthusiasts out there. This post will add an interesting argument to the Pinot Noir vs Cabernet Sauvingon debate, but...

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Aflatoxin M1

Last time I talked about one of the most threatening group of mycotoxins – aflatoxins. So far we know that a dinner made from products contaminated with aflatoxins is not...

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Have you ever considered peanuts to be a deadly snack? Don’t panic just yet! Luckily, your peanut butter supply is safe because of the rigorous tests that food has to go...

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Mycophenolic acid

Do you remember when we were considering mycotoxins’ dual nature? We said that depending on the circumstances mycotoxins can be both life savers and takers. Mycophenolic acid is yet another...

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Enniatins and beauvericin

As you might have heard mycotoxins are produced by moulds that can infect everything from the agricultural crops to buildings. Some unaware farmers and food companies can use the infected...

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Apologies for a somewhat lengthy post but I believe that this blog cannot do without a brief introduction to the complex issue of mycotoxins. Don’t worry though, we won’t go...

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