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EuroProxima is specialized in the development and production of immuno-biological test systems for  Food safety control. These tests comply ELISAs as well as on-site test systems. For over twenty years our  company and its products are recognized in the International market for service and quality.

In the last decades the trade of food has internationalized. Seafood, meat, cereals, nuts, coffee, wine etc. are produced and exported around the world.  Control on food and feed products is of increasing importance on the import as well as export side. Our presence on the global market is covered by a dedicated network of specialized distribution partners. Several partners work with us for more than 20 years.

We give high priority to the cooperation with well-known scientists in the fields in which we are active. Goal of such cooperation’s is the development of new products and product lines. Where we benefit from the latest ideas in the academic centers, we offer scientists the opportunity to commercialize these ideas. In three decades we have learned and proven that this formula is successful.

EuroProxima B.V has two private shareholders, both of whom held for many years key positions in the management of the Euro-Diagnostica group which was set up in 1992 following a merger between three Swedish companies and  Euro-Diagnostics, a research driven biotech company founded in 1982 in the Netherlands. The development of Euro-Diagnostica was boosted by the introduction of a unique test for Rheumatoid Arthritis and high quality test systems for Food Safety control. In 2008 Euro-Diagnostica B.V. in the Netherlands was taken over by the present shareholders and the company’s name was changed to EuroProxima.  Apart from Food Safety products, EuroProxima has also incorporated the Histology line, antibodies for Pathology and Research.

In 2009 we signed a cooperation agreement with Laboratoire Hormonologie (CER Groupe) from Belgium.  The CER products are produced and commercialized by EuroProxima and we have joined forces for development of new products. EuroProxima has  kits for the detection of  Beta-agonists, fungicides, anthelmintics, anabolic steroids and corticosteroids, tranquilizers, antibiotics, coccidiostats, shellfish toxins , mycotoxins and allergens.

EuroProxima is committed to high quality and accurate solutions for food safety control. The management is supported by a dedicated and professional team that worked together for years. This is confirmed by the trust that laboratories around the world have in our test systems. The quality of our products is guaranteed through the support provided by our highly skilled staff  and the participation in International Validation Programs, such as FAPAS, GIPSA and AOAC.

All processes in our organization operate under ISO9001 2008.

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